This handy trick or treat bucket showed up on my doorstep last week. Sustainable candy sacks! How thoughtful.


J/K, J/K. You guys remember what this is about, right? We begin Portland-wide compost pick up for houses (though not larger apartment complexes—y'all are left out for now) on October 31st. You can check your new trash pick up schedule here. The rules for what you can compost are so hilariously simple that we made a website about it.

Anyway. I'm excited about this! It's a smart switch and I think the city shelling out a bit to deliver a bucket to our doors will boost participation. Up until this point I've been keeping my compost in the freezer, clearing it out every month, which scared guests. I've already heard of a couple people creatively altering their buckets, turning the lid into the mouth of a certain disliked political figure. Anyone have any good ideas for how to bedazzle the shit out of this thing? In the meantime, poll!