1. Gamay Club Subscription

Who’s the leader of a club that’s made for you and me? W-I-N-E! Please sign me up for an all-Gamay wine club from the inspired minds of Kate Norris and Tom Monroe of the Division Winemaking Company. This urban winery is a nexus for Oregon-produced wines and the next gabbed-about grape. I’m especially excited to see this rare Gamay club providing a platform for a light-bodied varietal that I prefer over Pinot Noir. I’ve had a few entries, including the crazy yummy 2016 Gamay Noir “Cru,” and let me tell you, that’s a club I want to join. Members also get tastings, discounts and other perks. Division Wine Co, 2425 SE 35th Place, divisionwineco.com/Wine-Clubs, $149.40

2. MIA Abba Clogs

I was so taken by these tan leather sweeties in the window of Shipwreck! that I waited outside on North Killingsworth until they opened so I could try them on. It was a true feat of self-control that these Swedish-made cuteness enhancing pumps didn’t make it home with me that day, but I figured they were just the perfect things for someone to buy for me! At $100, they’re a bit of an investment, but the wooden sole and classic look mean I’ll be wearing them for many holidays to come. Shipwreck!, 805 N Killingsworth, miashoes.com, $100

3. New Year’s Kachka Party at Suttle Lodge

New Year’s Eve sucks. Bars around town are packed full of amateurs, and you’re likely to spend midnight standing in the rain, waiting to pay a fat cover charge to a grumpy bouncer. I wanna spend my New Year’s cozy by the huge fire at Suttle Lodge, nibbling on zakuski in a fancy dress. I wanna go to a New Year’s Eve cocktail party with food by the amazing Kachka, including tasty Russian apps, charcuterie, oysters, caviar, desserts, and champagnes from the Côte de Blancs region. Someone called DJ Atom 13 will be spinning records and zero people will be under 21. How debauched AND refined. Suttle Lodge, 13300 US-20, Sisters, thesuttlelodge.com, $150 (drinks a la carte)

4. A Box of Coquine’s Cookies

Forget a French omelet: as far as I’m concerned, a well-made chocolate chip cookie is the height of culinary refinement and execution. I’m on a mission to try every one made in Portland, and none rival the perfection of Coquine’s chocolate chip cookie. Send me a dozen of these li’l circles of happiness, made with smoked almonds, salted caramel, brown butter, and organic, fair-trade ingredients. If you’re local, pick ’em up after giving 48 hours’ notice, or have them sent to any lucky elves in the country for additional shipping. Coquine, 6839 SE Belmont, coquinepdx.com, $26

5. And I Think You Should Donate to... Meow Village

Since the election, I’ve already set up monthly auto-withdrawals for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, along with other social justice causes. At heart though, I’m a crazy cat lady. So please consider a small treat for Meow Village, an all-volunteer organization that works to capture, spay, and neuter feral cats and find them barn homes. PLUS they socialize and adopt out kittens and strays. They care SO MUCH about the kittehs—I adopted my orange tubcat Gus from them in 2013. They have an Amazon wish list for needs, and I send my Amazon Smile purchases their way. If I could move to Meow Village, I would. meowvillage.org