I just want to see that bumper sticker!
It's definitely just Money, money money,Muuuuny. The NRA through lobbyists donates tons to the Congressmen, Senators, local officials that have an (R) after their name. What I think, but am not sure of is: Are the Dems all against assault weapons because they're just not getting any cake to be pro AW? Or do they really care about innocent people getting brutally murdered and thusly hate these AW's because they should morally. Those Republicking pro gunners just about all of them, sure do cleave to that 2nd amendment. The Rebublickers new shining star DJT wants to ban all muslims from coming in the country because he thinks they're all terrorists.....but the ones that did get in "slipped in" he's saying sell them assault weapons. Where the fuck is that reasoning coming from.

For their own protection any decent Muslim should get a weapon, because if that Yellow Haired combover with the little hands gets in....he'll go after them too. He'll be deporting them faster than crap through a goose. He'll put them in Camps with concertina wire and rifle towers and more than likely very short rations.
You guys are on the right track but you're not quite there yet. Who is the largest arms dealer in the world? The NRA makes peanuts off of arms sales compared to "them". The Second Amendment was scripted in order to allow citizens to protect themselves from oppressive government, not to hunt bears. Plus the number one common denominator of mass shooters is American citizens on antidepressants with a history of domestic violence. Look it up.
We can assume that an NRA member sold the murder weapon to a psycho, because he could.

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