Minimum wage went up. Right on. Somehow, American, tax paying citizens still get fucked. In order for businesses to pay the increase, I wonder what must they do? You guessed it. I've already seen it. Price increases from 50 cents to a buck. What choices do they have? Cant blame em. I work 2 part time jobs both paying over minimum wage. So one of em is a corporate company. Because im part time, I dont get holiday pay and I dont get a pay increase because im paid over minimum wage. What kind of donkey shit is that? Isnt it supposed to go up incrementally as minimum wage goes up? I signed up for this job because it paid 3 bucks more than minimum wage, at the time. But now, youre telling me, my wage will essentially become minimum at some point, which now I only make 75 cents more than minimum wage. Thats bullshit. What will you do then? How does that equate? COLA? Do you think ill even be around? Reason im part time which is 3 bucks less than full time is so I can have one foot in as well as one foot out. Im not proud to work for a company that doesnt support or value their employees. Nor am I getting roped into the bullshit full time employees have to go through. Just even a simple thank you or Merry Christmas is all it takes. The point is no matter how much city, state, or government tries to portray changes to benefit hard working citizens, it is a smoke and mirrors lie. We are constantly screwed up the ass hard and deep.