It's really only verbal abuse. A bunch of petty- be nice out else- shit. There's a constant argument with my dad. I can't make food, go to the bathroom, get a glass of water, or walk across the house without her desperately clawing for my attention. If I don't stop what I'm doing and pretend to have a polite conversation, things can get pretty bad. Hours of yelling. She did something nice once, so I should just let her have her way here. I should forget about all the mean things she's said and done. She obviously has.
Besides, I am unstable. Not enough money. Bad social skills. Mentally and emotionally damaged. If anyone's wrong, it's me. You have to buy respect in this world. Even from your family. Not elevated respect. The basic kind she would give to a stranger.
My friends really like her. "I see all your mom's posts on Facebook! How's she doing?" Still yells a lot. Basically everyday. 'Fine, I guess.'
She not wearing the same face when they see her. She's just so nice. She invites them over and we all play the game. Pretend we like each other, so I don't look like the asshole who doesn't like his mom. Because then my friends wouldn't like me. I don't like me. People who don't like their moms are bad people. Fact.
I always wished someone would catch her. Ask her why she treats us like this. Ask her why she would treat anyone like this. Tell her what kind of people we are. That she's hurting us. And herself.
Instead I just spend less time with my friends.
I am a low class person.