Move over



Once, at a very busy food court sort of place, I was waiting in line with lots of other folks to use the restrooms. At one point, these two men, I'd guess mid-twenties, and British from their accents, sort of announced to the line as they walked past everyone, "We just want to wash our hands, we'll be really quick." That, of course, did not fly and they got pissed. "Seriously? You won't let us ahead just so we can wash our hands?" They were entitled infants, just like you.


Go the speed limit or stay the the fuck off the streets in my neighborhood. I fully support anyone's effort to impede your deliberately unsafe bullshit. I'm beyond sick of people who are dangerous because they are in a hurry for NOTHING.


35 on a residential street? Are you trying to mow down some pets and/or children? Slow tf down and chill the fuck out.


Ooh, the poor wittle driver can't plan and must speed down the stweet. Oh, and lookey lookey he brags about it. Oh, that poor little fragile ego is hurt by street signs. Oh "20 is plenty" you are so mean!


My families right to a safe neighborhood supersedes your right to speed through it, you dumb ass. You are probably the same dumbass that also texts and drives.


Yeah... let me just add an extremely sincere FUCK YOU to the OP on this one. You may tailgate the wrong law abiding citizen some day... and I hope you do.


What this asshole doesn't realize (or care about) is that the whole 20 is plenty thing got started because a teenage girl got killed by a car on Hawthorne going by all accounts 25 or 30. That little speed difference can be the difference between life and death, which is why it became law. Slow. The. Fuck. Down.


If you hit a member of my family because you're driving like an asshole in my neighborhood, you won't need to worry about being late for a long time to come. And in case I'm not being clear, I will beat you within an inch of your life. SLOWN DOWN YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG.


Either leave an appropriate amount of time for travel, or tell your manager at Yard House that you're going to be late on a regular basis.


If we are talking about this on the freeway, where someone is going 55 in the passing lane and not moving over for those behind to pass, I'm with you. But in a 20 mph residential zone? Chill the fuck out, man.


I don't give a shit how fast you want to go. I will look with glee in my rear view mirror at your ass face being forced to go the speed limit.


Shut the fuck up you entitled asshat.


That's not how laws work bud. Also I'm pretty sure everyone you know hates you.


It’s not like the speed limit is a fuckin’s law. Don’t like it don’t drive and be a asshat to people who obey the law