Dear Karens of Portland,

Stop using the police as a weapon.

There is a Karen in Cully calling the cops because there is a free fridge located there that offers food to all people who are hungry and in need. The free fridges throughout Portland are clean, well maintained by a large group of volunteers, have rules posted and required to be followed, and most importantly ARE FEEDING PEOPLE WHO ARE HUNGRY.

Using your privilege to wield the police as a weapon (knowing full well it is almost assured that someone will be killed by the police when you call them) because you are such a POS that hungry people having access to free food upsets you (why?) is beyond disgusting. There isn't even a word strong enough to describe what you are.

It is really beyond time for Karens caling the cops to be punished. Other people existing and other people feeding people in their community are not crimes. Calling the cops and using them as a weapon to get people killed because you are a privileged, hate filled white woman who has nothing better to do with her life needs to be a crime.

Perhaps if these cop calling Karens spend some time in jail and have to pay fines every time they call the cops they'll stop. Or maybe they won't. Enough is enough already.