Look out Portland, we have been doing the Simon says with our Seattle freeze neighbors, and they are starting to promote segregation out there. Washington wants people (who let's be real, are largely working class) to sit separately and use separate entrances over vaxx status. As a Marxist who loves science, I don't see how this isn't just political abuse. What next? We send them to a ghetto with stars on their jackets so we can tell them apart? Tell them to sit at the back of the bus? Am I the only vaxxed person who finds this kind of political segregation dehumanizing? I am afraid of anyone crazy enough to justify this. I got a vcxx to protect those with autoimmune so I won't get them sick, and segregation defeats the point of the vaxx. No matter what weird or ridiculous choices people make, I will never support ANY kind of fascism. I can only imagine how great "Portland installs segregation" will look. Stay human, folks. No more class division!