Why does every place with a legit breakfast burrito open at 9AM or later? Don't come at me with some bougie brunch place that opens early, I want a real breakfast burrito, not some 14$ sock someone filled up with garbage at whole foods. Like many, I work at 9AM most of the time. Breakfast is eaten before work at like 8AM, or desperately crammed into my face over the sink at work around 8:55. So I never get to enjoy this delicious treat. Eat one for lunch you say? No way. Everyone knows it's illegal to eat a breakfast burrito for lunch if you have already had breakfast. I don't want the Egg Cops breaking down my door, locking me up and throwing away the key. My literal only choice is to skip breakfast and starve myself, putting my life in danger then get a breakfast burrito later. Someone, please for the love of god start a burrito place that opens at 7AM.