The fact that you call yourselves a "health service" is a joke. There is nothing healthy about what goes on in that clinic. You are nothing more than legalized dope pushers who sustain your livelihood by stringing people out on narcotics. You attempt to legitimize what you do by claiming that you are "helping people" who are victims of addiction, but all you're doing is cashing in on a vulnerable section of society by keeping them addicted to narcotics. Your cash cow consists of hundreds of junkies who line up every day to pay you, what is it, $75? $100? $200 a week? -to imbibe the spirits that keep them coming back for more, because if they don't come back what will happen to them? They'll get very sick, won't they? They will become unbearably, agonizingly sick, and then they'll go out into our community and do whatever it takes, up to and including inflicting grievous harm upon innocent victims.
If you really wanted to "help" people you would get the hell out of Portland and not return. The few (probably 1/2 of 1%) of the patients at your clinic who honestly need methadone can get it from a doctor, and the rest of the addicts who are victims of your scam can get the help they need from a detox service and through ongoing counseling and support. Take your legalized dope pushers and go back to whatever sick hole in Hell you crawled out of.