Hey Driver's Ed Flunky,

Thanks so much for showing me a new parking maneuver. As I found a much coveted spot in NW and pulled up to parallel into it after work, you managed to whip a U-turn in the middle of the road and nudge the nose of your now cock-eyed white VW hatchback (w/ roof rack) into my spot. This made it impossible for me to back up into it and park. Then you shook your head at me like I had tried to steal the spot. If you hadn't been the plainest looking 30 year old bitch living in NW I would have got out and said something, but I felt sorry for you and just gave you a thumbs up. I figured any woman stupid and inconsiderate enough to pull a move like that probably gets berated enough. Fuck you white VW driving bitch. Fuck you and your little white VW car too.