As a server, I'm sure complaining about our job is nothing new. However, yesterday, a beautiful day, and the first day of summer, I was working the patio solo, and had about 13 tables at a time for about 7 straight hours. These 8 douchebags took over two tables and had me running my ass off. Their food took a bit longer than normal BECAUSE THERE WAS FUCKING 8 OF THEM. At this point in your lives, 21 year olds, how are you not aware that when there's more of you food takes longer to put together? Everytime I went to check on them, they did this awesome move which makes servers fucking hate their lives- they told me they wanted to order and then had me stand there for 10 minutes while they looked at the menu and my other tables stared holes in me. DON'T DO THAT IN A RESTAURANT, you dicks. They left me a super-sweet note about how ten percent was being generous. FUCK you guys. I have 13 tables. And everyone wants to drink beer and eat food, just like you self important pricks. You all got beer, I even cancelled your pizza while they were half way through making it and didn't charge you for it when you came and found me inside to tell me you didn't want it anymore. My favorite part was when you interupted me talking to another table. What the FUCK makes you think that's ok??? Instead of making us "waitresses" feel bad about not spending 30 minutes doting on your asses, learn some fucking manners, you horrendous excuses for people. Sort of like charity in a third world country, I think everyone should be forced to work in food service so they can actually figure out how to act in restaurants. Don't you FUCKING DARE try and make me feel bad with a fucking stupid "Dear Waitress, everyone has bad days. and we feel ten percent is being generous" note- guess what, dickheads? I was having a great day until you sat down at my fucking table. I graduated from college. I've been all over the world. I'm a published author. I don't give a fucking SHIT about you. You should be ashamed of yourselves.