I'm talking about canvassers, the homeless, the fucking street kids that turn up when the weather is nice.

Stop giving them money and cigarettes! There are charities in town that will provide a bed and food with money from donations. They need the donations. The "spread the love give change" fucking furries on 6th don't.

And as far as canvassers go? That's what the Internet is for. Yes, I do have a minute for gay rights. No I don't have a minute for your "HI HOW ARE YOU" from a block down.

I was the anonymous that wrote about being nice to people a few months ago. Well fuck that I say. I'm fed up to the teeth with being harassed every time I leave my house and ear buds have ceased to work. So people of Portland, let's band together and make it pointless to canvass and beg on the street. With a loud community no I might be able to smoke a cigarette or buy a cup of coffee without ever hearing the words "you wouldn't happen to have x would you?" ever ever again.

(And of course there will be some HOW VERY DARE YOU COMMENTS. Fuck you bleeding hearts. It's not my problem if you just want someone to talk to you. That's what personals are for. See that link over there —-> CLICK IT)