I'm not the cleanest of people—I know and admit this. But I didn't think I'd ever have this type of problem. My sister, whom I live with, just told me that she's late. We've been roommates for over a year and we talk often. She's had trouble with dating and so have I—so be it. Okay, so when I pleasure myself, sometimes I have to take a shit after—like that one bowling movie with Bill Murray, whatever. Recently, I remember dropping a load, then sitting on the toilet to take a dump and having a shower afterward. My fear is that I might have left some drops of splooge on the toilet, and when she sat down after my shower... fuck, I don't know if she could have gotten pregnant from it.

When she told me she was late, I thought nothing of it, but then, the day after, while engaging in my daily routine, I noticed that I did leave cum on the seat. That's when it clicked, and when the fear struck. I thought it over for a day or two, and now I'm getting freaked. I know she hasn't dated anyone in a few months—so what else could it be? Do I tell her? How could I? If I wait too long and my suspicion proves to be true, then it'll be even worse. But if I tell her now, it will just be a fucking disgusting thing to tell your sister... but at least she could go get tested or something. This is some fucked-up shit.—Anonymous