I work in a grocery store, typically it’s a pretty good job. I’m used to a certain quotient of customers treating me as expendable. But I enjoy my coworkers and the company treats us well.

I’m not here to rant about pay or time off. But to ask for basic consideration from the general public. I understand people need groceries. And I’m grateful to have a job. What I can’t stand is the “essential cupcake” shopper.

Every shift I see customers who are doing the responsible thing. They’re obviously shopping for a couple weeks, have lists and it’s only one person.
Then there are the rest.
Those just grabbing their morning bagel, a magazine, a cupcake.

They seem oblivious to our current world, or they don’t care. Their trip is justified as something they “need” to do. They say casually they just had to get out of the house or it’s so-and-so’s birthday, that they are just browsing. Every time I want to scream until they understand how selfish, thoughtless, and unacceptable their behavior is. How by coming in for those couple nonessential items they are putting countless others at risk.

I’m asking, please be one of the good ones. Don’t go grocery shopping until you really, truly need things. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to be stuck home. We keep going to work because we understand we are needed (and in many cases have no other choice). And we’re grateful to get a paycheck and support our families.

That doesn’t change that we’re scared daily that you and your “essential cupcake” are going to make us sick. So please, if you’re going to the store have a list, only send one person, shop for at least one week, and practice social distancing to keep everyone safe.