I think I'm lucky that I'm still working, is my job essential? I don't know. But it's a paycheck that provides for my family. My office is a converted bank vault and there's no one else in it but me. My closest coworker is about 15 feet away. Lots of hand washing.

I continue to pretend to be confident. To not let my terror out. It's hard and unhealthy to keep it in, and I just need to scream, but I remain brave for my family. I want to scream in terror, I want to scream at politicians who can't get their shit together. I want to scream at the President to lock the whole country down, so we're not piecemeal and knock the virus down as much and as quick as possible. I want to scream WHERE THE F*CKS THE TESTING????

There's a meme going around asking a simple question: "Essential is a polite way of say sacrificial"