Yes here we are. It’s been over 45 years and the virus is still out there. This year alone has frightened me, as I’ve lost 17 people alone to AIDS related complexes. The last one just a few days ago. At my age, it feels like 1995 and I’m a teenager again. Scared. Please consider making a donation tomorrow to the HIV Day Center in NE Portland run by EMO ministries. Make sure on any memo or digital donation you care to make, that you mention it is directly for the HIV Day Center, as you will be saving lives, feeding those in distress, helping them find counseling and above all endless hugs. It is a disease that is still killing people. Yes we are living longer, but the young are still being infected and it’s not discussed in schools like it was. Please, consider a donation. CAP gets plenty of money, the Day Center survives on donations.