To the PSU protestors who were peaceful – thank you! Any reasonable person would agree that both Hamas’s Oct 7 massacre of innocents was beyond shocking and cruel, and would ALSO acknowledge that the scumbag Netanyahu has committed atrocious war crimes against the innocent Gazans. But to the motherf**kers who destroyed our library, I hope you get slowly eaten by rabid rats who have bubonic plague and rabies! I have just donated to the Millar Library, money that should have gone to help innocent Gazans. (I support both Ukraine and the innocents in Gaza on a regular basis.) How was our beautiful library complicit? Don’t answer, many of you are absolute idiots who can’t live in the most tolerant city without destroying it. I will do everything I can to make sure you have justice – not revenge, but you jerks need to be held legally accountable. What about the genocide of the (Muslim) Uighurs in Western China, the (Muslim) Rohingyas in Myanmar, etc., ad nauseum? Google it, morons. To the Palestinians, I feel your pain and cry with you, as long as you don’t want to make Israel go away (it won’t.) But why aren’t you also livid at your Arab brother/sister countries who won’t help or let refugees stay, even temporarily? Having said that, there is NO excuse for Netanyahu’s totally disgusting response. I also hope you enjoyed meeting some of Portland’s finest – the finest violent, naïve, selectively informed “anarchists” and other losers who live to destroy a once fun, creative, quirky city full of good hearts? Or perhaps you can bring your new LGBTQ+* activist friends to Gaza to meet Hamas? What a great meeting that would be, until Hamas killed them all. * I support the LGBTQ+ community!!