Doug Brown

RE: “A Man Was Arrested for Pulling a Gun on Black Lives Matter Protesters in Portland Thursday Night” [Blogtown, July 7] and “Man Who Pulled a Gun on Protesters Had a Concealed Handgun License, According to Police Chief” [Blogtown, July 8]. Right-wing activist Michael Strickland was captured on video, Mercury News Editor Dirk VanderHart wrote, “drawing a pistol from a holster on his right hip as he backs away from protesters, then pointing it in multiple directions, bank heist-style.” After Strickland, 36, was booked on charges of menacing and disorderly conduct in the second degree, Police Chief Mike Marshman told the Mercury that Strickland possessed a concealed handgun license. “A spokesperson for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office wouldn’t confirm that fact,” VanderHart wrote, “but if true, it would allow Strickland to disregard a city law banning possession of loaded guns in public.”

Just curious, why would it matter if he had a concealed carry permit? If someone points a firearm at someone else not in self-defense, they should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. It’s a permit to carry a weapon, not a permit to commit gun crimes.


This crazy guy would have been shot on the spot if he were a black man. I just don’t get it, Portland. If he was so afraid that he thought the protesters were coming at him, maybe he should not have been standing in front of them as they were protesting. If he is so damn paranoid, what the hell is he doing with a permit for a concealed weapon?

candy coded

Boy, this Second Amendment is working out just great.



RE: “City Commissioners Just Shot Down Proposed Minimum Parking Requirements for NW Portland Apartment Buildings” [Blogtown, July 6]. “After a 2.5 hour hearing that touched on concerns over housing affordability, greenhouse gas emissions, and the complex economies of parking, commissioners put off neighborhood groups that have been clamoring for parking minimums,” wrote Dirk VanderHart. “Instead, commissioners seemed to prefer experimenting with a bevy of tools to modify the parking situation in Northwest.” Former mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone was one of those who testified, telling the council, “There’s nothing innovative or novel” about parking minimums and that there are “many, many things we should be trying first.”

“There are many, many things we should be trying first. Try to think of some while you’re driving around, and around, and around, looking for a space, and let us know.”

Todd Mecklem

What needs to be done to correct this parking issue is obvious: increase the yearly permit cost. Currently, $60 per year is all that is required to park a car indefinitely in the “Zone M” NW Portland parking zone. That is absurdly low for an area near the city center (the average is about $200 per month for the Pearl and downtown). Consequently, storing rarely used cars on the curbside is incentivized.

Increase the permit cost to something in line with comparable areas in the city center and you’ll see a reduction in the perma-parked, curb-garaged cars with two inches of pollen and dust accumulated from lack of use.



RE: “There’s (Finally) a Homeless Shelter Coming to East Portland” [Blogtown, July 6], regarding plans to shelter 200 adults in the Hansen Building on NE 122nd and Glisan. County Commissioners Diane McKeel and Loretta Smith have pointed out a number of concerns with the building—including asbestos, unreinforced masonry, poor water supply, a lack of fire-suppression sprinklers and fire detectors, too few toilets and showers, and sketchy wiring.

Hooray for there finally being a homeless shelter and all, but combining the lack of fire detectors or sprinklers with faulty electrical wiring that’s prone to burning and you actually have a pretty major issue.


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