RE: “Just a Reminder That Flags Are at Half-Staff Today in Honor of a Homophobe and Bigot” [Blogtown, March 2], Editor-in-Chief Wm. Steven Humphrey’s post about the declaration by Donald Trump (who lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes) that all flags should fly at half-staff in honor of Rev. Billy Graham, who died on Feb 21. “Graham was an instrumental figure in how conservative, bigoted Christianity has infected American politics, which has led to our current, divisive state of affairs,” wrote Humphrey. “In no way does he deserve to be honored.”

Boo-hoo. Quit getting your panties in a twist, you prick. Graham was a good man and far from a bigot. You say that because you don’t agree with what he had to say. Intolerant much? I don’t care if you didn’t like him, but he’s dead. Show a little damn respect. Sheesh, you’re pathetic.


Hello, my name is Jesse. I’d like to lodge a complaint against the writer Steven Humphrey. What he has just wrote on you guys’ article is hate speech and is defamatory and it is extremely bigoted. You guys can please take this down, it is very offensive. And if you guys do not take it down, there will be repercussions. And I will submit your article to the human resources of Oregon. Thank you very much.


How in the world can you call Billy Graham and homophobe and biggot. He was a Godly man and the main question here is. Are you. Obviously not. I think you have some serious issues.

Clint Morris

Graham was the kind of person that makes you wish there was a hell so he could burn there with all the other Puritan sadists. Everyone dies. That doesn’t automatically entitle them to respect. History will not remember him well.



RE: “Black Pussy’s Name Costs Them Another Gig, but Next Week’s Paris Theatre Show Is Still On” [Blogtown, Feb 28], in which Music Editor Ciara Dolan reported that the band Black Pussy, which formed in Portland in 2012, had a Seattle gig canceled due to their name. Their March 9 show at Portland’s Paris Theatre remains on the books, with venue co-owner Brad McCray telling the Mercury,“The Paris Theatre supports artists, free speech and find the objections to this band rich with hypocrisy.”

I think any artist would agree that invoking imagery that is intentionally inflammatory is the not only hacky but is also extremely artistically lazy. Musicians with real talent don’t need to rely on controversy to make their music heard. Game recognize game, and ya’ll looking pretty unfamiliar.




RE: “Today on Craigslist: A Fully Automated Six-Foot-Tall Talking Wizard” [Blogtown, March 8, 2016], in which Wm. Steven Humphrey, browsing Craigslist during work hours, found a listing for a “fully animated wizard in a purple robe and matching wizard’s hat.” The Beaverton seller went on to note that the animatronic wizard could “lip sync to your music.” Humphrey’s attempt to convince a Mercury reader to buy him this animatronic wizard was unsuccessful.

A couple of years ago, Wm. Steven Humphrey became enthralled with a Craigslist posting for a life-sized animated wizard. I own a similar piece with nearly limitless character potential—magically altered by the mere changing of his costume and the audio supplied to him. Just wondering if someone there at the Mercury might have any interest. I will entertain any reasonable offer.

Jackie Litwin
Evergreen, Colorado


RE: We don’t know.

Hello! You guys are idiots!

Collette Meyers

Jackie, you win the Mercury’s letter of the week, and two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater! In exchange, please drop off the animatronic wizard at the Portland Mercury offices. Thank you in advance.