I want to go to this lady's Thanksgiving. I'm guessing her family's delighted she shows up every year.
"gravies"? she has more than one?
Ina Garten's evil twin.
Lake Oswego's own Erik. Maybe you could swing a invite.
She puts gravy on her gravy.
given her horrible haircut, my first impression was that she was a "stylist" at Bishops
If I looked like a big toe with a hideous haircut, I would believe in ghosts and hate the world around me, too.

Religious bigotry is still bigotry, Maggie. Why don't you waste the time you don't spend at the gym asking your religious leaders not to fuck children.
My thoughts exactly. Catholic priests have made a sport out of kid-fucking, and this woman thinks that the problem is gay marriage?
If that woman skins her knee you will all know the true meaning of "gravies" plural.
What kind of name is "Collar Melanie" anyway? Sounds like some BDSM porn star.

And that's the only joke I'm getting out of this, because I don't want to watch more than eleven seconds of it.
I'd have to see the back to be sure, but it appears that her hair is exactly the same as my ex-girlfriend back in 1992. Therefore I am conflicted.

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