Most importantly: Is Jackass: Number Two funny? Jesus Christ, it's fucking hilarious. Like, "My gut's sore from 95 straight minutes of laughing this hard." Like, my jaw literally hurt all night after seeing this movie. And: "I haven't laughed this hard since the first Jackass."

Perhaps unsatisfied creatively by The Dukes of Hazzard, Johnny Knoxville's rounded up the Jackass crew for another dance at the chapless rodeo. The format's the same: latently homosexual gags followed by scatological gags topped off with ballsack gags. Number Two follows the formula of success established by its predecessor. Watch Steve-O funnel two brewskis into his anus; see Wee Man get smothered by a morbidly obese nude woman; laugh as Ehren McGhehey unwittingly applies a fake beard made from the rest of the crew's pubic hair. Horse jism gets swilled, nuts get kicked, buttocks get electrocuted. You know the drill.

A few points to note, though: The humor is considerably more mean-spirited this time around. Instead of trying to impress each other by jumping out of trees with bungee cords attached to their underwear, here the jackasses lock their friends in limousines, then dump thousands of live bees through the sunroof. It's not a question of ethics (everyone's in on the gag), but of comedy: Part of the original's hilarity was the absurdity of self-inflicted violence. Also: Fame and its trappings have not been nice to certain jackasses. Four years ago, they seemed like a mischievous group of charming skate punks; here, many seem weathered and world weary. (Steve-O, in particular, looks like walking death—and the one guy missing his front tooth is inexplicably disturbing.)

Of course I'm over thinking this—these issues come up only if you're prone to deconstructing the subtext of rocket-powered wheelchairs, which is totally beside the movie's point. Jackass: Number Two exists solely to activate your juvenile sense of humor that still thinks a fat man being chased by a horde of midgets is funny. By which I mean this movie is a resounding success.