Intern Will Radik™, Locket2you's Scott McCarty, and yours truly will be spewing wildly inappropriate "comedy" into microphones during a screening of the 1986 horror film Critters.

Last week's movie Masters of the Universe was wildly successful - TENS of people paid around $5 to listen to KUFO's Fatboy Roberts, the Merc's own Erik Henriksen, and Intern Will™ yell funny things at the screen a la MST3k. Also, everyone was a little tipsy. Also, Alison Hallett dozed off from OVER EXCITEMENT.

Tonight's "performance" is being held at the Coho Theater on NW 23rd and Raleigh. Movie begins at 7:30 and "tickets" are $5-10 on a sliding scale. Audience participation is more than welcome - it's expected.

Join us, please, if only to find out once and for all what the frak is a "furble" and why you should care.

Here is a "music" video of Scott Grimes from Critters singing a poignant "song" about Sunset Boulevard. I don't know what else I can say about this other than I'm sorry.