HEY-DOO, movie peoples! Yousa lika three dees, meesa thinks! And biggo three dees coming to yousa galaxy deesa weekendo! Ooo, Star Warsie: Epideppie I—Da Phantom Menace Three Dees deesa besto Star Warsie! My best friend Annie inna de podrace! Meesa friend Padmé wearen lotso dress! Boss Nass goesen "hublblhblbh" twosen timen, heesa so funny! Almost as funny as when my step in icky-icky goo poodoo, and a spacehorse maken big fluff on my head!

Ooo! Also, yousa learn lotsa gooden things! A gooberfish almost eats my, but then another biggen fish eats that fish, and now you knowsen theres alwaysen bigger fish! And whensa being chased by droids, yousa should try spinning, because thatsen always a bombad trick!

Star Warsie: Epideppie I wassa not screeno for criticsie, but you taka meesa word for it! One of de most bombad three dees is whensa deesa Jedi Master Qui-Gon saves my inna da forest! The three dees looken like the treesa be fallin into your lap like when I crashen de boss' heyblibber an' get banished! So wizard! Not as wizard as when we seein de senators inna de flying teacup rides! Theysa do so much bombad important talken, but now inna three dees! Meesa really liken de bombad politics! Maybe someday meesa can be senator too!