BEARD-BUILDING is real. It's something people do. It's actually a competitive sport! Can I get out of gym for this?

Thus we know Morgan Spurlock, director of documentaries like Super Size Me and Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, is back (weren't you just here last month, Morgs?) with a new fascination. This time he's exploring the world of male grooming, touching on everything from toupee crafting to the body-shaving schedules of those in the WWE.

Mansome was conceived around Spurlock's own porn-style mustache, and the film feels as if—in slowly amassing his cottage industry of novelty documentaries—here Spurlock just let a conversation with Will Arnett go too far. It's a regular Arrested Development reunion: Arnett and Jason Bateman sitting in a bubble bath, competing for who has the lowest voice, is only one example of Spurlock's heavy reliance on interviewing comedians and writers, much as he did in Comic-Con. And it works: John Waters waxes eloquently about his trademark pencil 'stache. Zach Galifianakis deliberately avoids talking about grooming entirely. The first 40 minutes of interviews are totally chucklesauce.

Unfortunately, Mansome is front-loaded. At the 45-minute mark—usually the part of a documentary that contains a point—things begin to slow down because, well, there isn't really a point to Mansome. The clearest opinion in the entire film is when Scott Ian of Anthrax calls beard-building "pretty gay," and I'm confused as to why Spurlock even left that in. That's not a sound bite for an adult filmmaker.