Witness the happiest slam dancing in the world. Cause Co-Motion! play pop songs at high speeds, four-piece rock music stripped down to buoyant guitars, snappy drumming, lilting basslines and—atop it all—yearning, almost impossibly idealistic lyrics delivered plaintively. That blueprint, as pleasant as it sounds, crumples in their acceleration to reach the chorus, an ecstatic push towards the musical conclusion. Recorded, you tap your feet and nod your head, but in the live setting, you join in, and it looks like something wholesome in fast-forward, an anachronism hurtling into the future. Or, as the title of one of their songs puts it: "Stop standing still."

"When we started," writes bassist Liam (no surnames here), "no one really had record players anymore, so we released records. Now that no one has a CD player anymore, it seems like a good time to put out a CD." It's Time!, just released on Slumberland, collects a host of seven-inches released since 2005. "We did think about the order of the singles and EPs as we put them out with a future compilation in mind," adds Arno (vocals/rhythm guitar, again, no last name). "It wasn't the sole factor, but it was considered."

Worth mentioning is that no song on It's Time! exceeds two minutes in length. Hell, most don't exceed 100 seconds. This is capsule pop; short bursts of hooks smartly played, energetic lyrics, an unflagging urgency. Asked if the band anticipates crossing the three (or two)-minute mark sometime soon, Liam responds: "I'm more curious about crossing the one-minute threshold the other way."

A great deal of Cause Co-Motion!'s appeal arises from their timelessness. As long as heartbreak and frustration provoke offhand looks and the need for commentary—and as long as there are drums, bass, and guitar with which to clatter—bands like this will always exist. This is music that could have been made by outsiders at any time from the '50s to the present. Consider it good fortune that this timeless, urgent sound has arrived in our day and age.