As if The Mercury didn't have enough competition from Portland's other weeklies now Radiohead has to stick their big, British thumb in the pie!

For years Thom Yorke and co. have had to make due with being universally lauded rock stars, biding their time until they finally had enough money to pursue their true collective dream: writing for a free paper. Next week Radiohead will celebrate the physical release of their latest, The King of Limbs in stores by making available a free newspaper called The Universal Sigh. This is not to be confused with the "Newspaper Album" edition of TKOL that is scheduled for release in May.

Not only will The Universal Sigh be free to pick up, but Radiohead also plan on offsetting its carbon footprint (it's only right if you're celebrating the release of an album named after an old tree by cutting down a bunch of trees). The paper will be available in Portland at 1pm, March 29th at both Mississippi Studios and The Bread and Ink Cafe.

In the meantime, music editor Ezra Caraeff recommends watching the video below with the sound off while you play the audio from this video.

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