Alabama Shakes

Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore as you wring your hands in defeat after learning that Bonnie "Prince" Billy brand-name coffee is all sold out. Alas, that mountain-fresh morning-roast scent will never be yours. Damn. At least they spelled "Bonnie" wrong on the bag.

They only have an EP to their name (the album's out in April), but we're certain Alabama Shakes are going to be huge. No, really—like, Adele huge. Their show this Saturday is almost sold out, but rest assured that when they come back, they'll be playing a much bigger room.

Alabama Shakes - "Hold On"

Jessie Baylin left her label, fired her manager, and made a terrific new album with Oregon's Richard Swift. Just as good as the album is the new EP of mostly covers that she and Swift recorded on a four-track in her living room. (Download it for free.)

Jessie Baylin - "Love Is Wasted on Lovers"

The devil-worshiping Ghost is a scary, scary band. So scary! Well, that is until you listen to their music. These guys look like the creepiest death metal band on the planet, but they choogle like Grand Funk Railroad. We have to say, it's pretty great.

Ghost - "Ritual"

After playing in lots of other local bands, Ed Thanhouser has started his own band, Ed and the Red Reds. Their psych-flecked country debut album Lost Leader is excellent. But you know what this band really excels at? Belt buckles.

Ed and the Red Reds - "Story of the Sound"

Beats Antique sound like globetrotters, but the core trio—which includes a full-time belly dancer—hails from Oakland. Bubble on, oh melting pot.

Beats Antique - "Cat Skillz"

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