YG, Lil Jon, and RiFF RAFF
Last week, three hiphop shows hit the Roseland on consecutive nights: RiFF RAFF on Thursday, YG and DJ Mustard on Friday, and a DJ set from Lil Jon on Saturday. Our intrepid photographer Minh Tran went to all three, and took photos with varying degrees of success—the RiFF RAFF show did not have a photo pit, and Lil Jon hunched over a laptop is about as visually interesting as that sounds. Fortunately, the best show also yielded the best photos: YG and DJ Mustard are reinventing West Coast gansta rap for 2014, and Minh got lots of excellent shots.

Head on over to End Hits to take a look at our coverage of all three shows:
RiFF RAFF on Thursday
YG and DJ Mustard on Friday
Lil Jon on Saturday