Todd Cooper

Would you believe that Pickathon is less than a month away? It is, and although that's very good news, it also means we're getting closer than ever to the end of our ongoing Pickathon video series that spotlights performances from last year's amazing festival. This month we've got Episode 5 from the special Starlight Series, which showcases the performances from that particular nighttime-only stage (and probably my personal favorite stage at Pendarvis Farm). And today's clip comes from Tinariwen, who arrived in Oregon very shortly before going onstage in the middle of the night and playing their hypnotic brand of Tuareg blues.

Check out our past episodes of the Starlight Stage series—brought to you by New Belgium Brewing—here, here, here, and here. Advance tickets for this year's festival are on sale at the Pickathon website, and you'll want to pick those up as the event is closer than it's been in years past to a sellout.