Music Jul 25, 2018 at 4:00 am

Behold, the Multnomah County Library’s New Music Streaming Platform



Your article on the new Library Music Project raves about the benefits of this program. I have just one question for Multnomah County Library. Why is it treating the intellectual property of music differently than it treats the intellectual property of books? ln other words, if I check out a digital "book" from the library, it disappears from my Kindle in 3 weeks, but with this new Library Music Project, I am allowed, if I have a library card, to download music permanently. The library seems to be saying, we'll protect the writers, but musicians, not so much. Now they do pay a small stipend, but it's equivalent to the sale of a few CD's, downloads, and/or streaming revenue elsewhere. I'm perfectly fine with folks going to the library website and having the ability to stream songs, as many times as they like, a chance to "try on" new music, but when it comes to becoming your permanent possession, it's time to pay the artist. How does the library not get this? As stated in the article, we do have a strong and energetic music scene in Portland, but this is just one more way that it's being undermined, forcing many musicians to either leave the area or quit music entirely, because they can't afford the cost of living life when no one will pay a fair price for their creativity.

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