I oppose that! Wait... this just in... I oppose me opposing that!!
"I oppose that! Wait... this just in... I oppose me opposing that!!" Getty Images

There are those who don't believe Michael Wolff's account of the Trump administration in Fire and Fury, because it's just too crazy to be true. However, all one has to do is watch the president's daily insane actions to know that Wolff is probably right on the button. For example? This morning's Trump tweet storm in which he was tricked into slamming his own administration's policy on FISA by Fox News, and then had to furiously and hilariously backpedal. Here's tweet number one:

And tweet number two that followed nearly two hours later:

WAIT... WHAT? So what the hell happened? The New York magazine explains:

During his morning Executive Time, President Trump took a well-deserved break from his long hours of document study to watch Fox News. The segment featured one of the talking heads urging Trump to oppose the House bill reauthorizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The president immediately tweeted out his alarmed confusion that the House was apparently on the verge of approving the very law the sinister Deep State had used to “tapp” his phones...

The president’s alarm was unfortunate, since the Trump administration strongly supports reauthorization of this law. It has sent its highest-ranking security officials to lobby Congress for reauthorization, and reiterated its endorsement of the law as recently as last night.

So there you have it (again). This is not just a case of right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, it's the right hand not knowing what the entire body (including itself) is doing. For more on Trump's increasing mental confusion, check out the rest of New York's story here.

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