Hes not apologetic; hes angry.
He's not apologetic; he's angry. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Donald Trump celebrated his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial with a rambling victory speech that most resembled happy hour at an old folks' home.

The President spoke off the cuff and appeared to be in high spirits following the Senates' near-party-line vote not to convict on Wednesday afternoon. He referred to the investigation as "bullshit" (apparently he doesn't know about FCC rules), talked about baseball for a while, went on a long tangent about Hillary Clinton and her emails, called Adam Schiff a "horrible person," referred to various other enemies as "dirty cops," "liars," "sleaze bags," and "scum," lied about his own impact on the economy, and then claimed Mitt Romney only voted to convict because he lost his own Presidential campaign.

"This is a celebration because we went through hell," Trump said. "I'm sure they'll try to cook up other things." It was a more a pep rally than a presidential speech, made only more disturbing by the Congressional sycophants licking his toes underneath the lectern. He's not apologetic; he's angry.

Watch the entire thing below if you can stand it.