News Jul 15, 2004 at 4:00 am

Oregon's Most Dangerous Swimming Holes


wikipedia says the punchbowl is 35 feet, not 80.. Exaggerator :p.
oh. i see. the cliff above included. .. my friend got his knees permanently ruined from jumping from that place, no EMT, just a long limp down the trail.
i love high rocks, but my hips still effed up from a couple weeks ago from jumping off wrong.
Leaping 35 (or 80... or ANY) feet onto my manbits sounds really fucking unpleasant. I don't think I wanna go swimming ever again, for the sake of my balls.
so where are the safe places to jump from a good height into water???
"Beer guzzling hicks" - as opposed to the PBR swilling, puking hipster shitheads that have infested the Hawthorne district?

The Merc's writer's snivel about every type of descrimination under the sun (real or percieved), but you constantly bash those that choose to live outside of Portland.

Fuck you and you snobbery; At least we don't have drunks shitting in our doorways in Sandy.
@Sandy Guy -- What is your address we can send you some extra shitting drunks we have lots.
@Sandy Guy - Just stumbled on this site googling for river info, but you are so right! The urbanoid hipsters are much more biased and insular than people out in the middle american 'normal zone'
how stupid, sending people directly to the dangerous swimming holes! not exactly a public service.
Yes, I totally agree with Sandy Guy, but except for the "shitting in our doorways" part of the comment. Most of those Hawthorne PBR swilling puking hipster shitheads shit their pants, not in doorways. I have seen drunk punks along the strip pleading with shop keepers to let them clean themselves up. What the hell has happened here in this city? It used to be cool.

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