Homeless schoolkids? Feh, I say. They're all degenerate little bums in training who are too damn lazy to get a job. Sweatshops, that's what we need, bring back underage sweatshops and put the little winos to work!
That is a really disgusting statistic.
Seems the CAT took a bit too long to dangle starving/homeless/sick kids over "the community" by a stick to elicit adequate guilt funding.

Please, let's hurry to get these kids back into public schools with 40+ percent HS dropout rates where they'll be taught nothing about birth control for fear of lack of Federal funding.

Hopefully they'll instinctively know (just by being in school, you see) that perpetuating a poverty cycle has nothing to do with exponential procreation rates among the poor.

G-D forbid there'd be some consideration about "the balance between working hard, having a family, and putting a roof over their heads" by these people BEFORE they start making a bunch of babies, FFS.
Wow. You can honestly look at this problem, and the first thing you think of is "well, if poor people would just stop fucking, there wouldn't be any more poor people."
Who said anything about not fucking? That'd only compound the all these other problems with depression. Nobody wants that.
I apologize for missing the nuance of your argument. And while I will concede that not having any sex in high school is depressing, being homeless in elementary school strikes me as being significantly worse, on an personal and societal level.
The number of homeless schoolkids has more than doubled in half a decade? That's almost as baffling as it is terrifying.

But at least they're still young enough that their panhandling can qualify as "adorable" instead of "probably heroin-fueled."
As a teacher in a public school, I feel that I can safely state that the homelessness is not just socioeconomic. Plenty of middle class families have been displaced and have become homeless due to the poor economy and job market.
An Alternative to Capitalism (which will end homelessness)

The following link, takes you to a "utopian" article, entitled "Home of the Brave?" which I wrote and appeared in the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:


John Steinsvold

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