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Portland's LGBT Mormons Explain Who They Are, How They Are, and What They Want

Photos by Leah Nash


Well i've delt with these types before. The niave "liberal religious" types who want to both have their cake & eat it too. The types who like to cherry-pick all of the "nice" things out of the bible. Because hey, nobody likes to think of themselves as a monster.
But that's ezactly what christianity - including Mormonism - is... a monsterous religion. Mormonism is particularly hidious, even by christian standards. Isn't there something in Mormon docturine about Blacks being "mud people" or something? Then there's the whole poligamy thing... which is really just a front form child rape, everyone knows that.

Why don't the Gays/transgenders featured in this article simply make peace with THEMSELVES & make their own appeal to god themselves? Why do they feel like they HAVE to belong to a church? And i've got news for ya - the Mormon church is as inheirantly, thuroughly homophobic as the Catholic church is prone to pedophilia This inescapable fact will NOT change with a federal recognition of Gay marriage!

And to me, being Gay & Mormon makes EXACTLY as much since as being Black & a Klansman. Obviously such a self-deluted, self-loathing person has many deep issues to work out.
They're kinda like the whipped dog who keeps coming back. Apparently it's all they know...
Oh easy to judge when you haven't been through it, huh?
I do not know if the first two people grew up religious, but I did. For me, being excommunicated from my faith took some very precious things from me. The community of the church, the shared music, and the shared stories are all things I miss very much. I tried to avoid church for a long time, because I was hurt so much by Christians, but I have come to understand that growing up Christian is part of my cultural background. Like Jews who decide to be culturally Jewish, I want to be culturally Christian. I'm now looking for a church that will accommodate my lifestyle.

Great article. Thanks for writing it.
I would like to clarify that being a lesbian had nothing to do with my request for excommunication. I left the LDS church because I did not believe in their doctrine. It was a matter of integrity. It was not until after I was excommunicated that I realized that I was lesbian, and then, subsequently visited a lesbian bar.
The credit for staying in contact with my family goes to them. My excommunication, my lesbianism, and my being transgender had no effect on their love for me, or their treatment of me. Not everyone is so fortunate.
AleX Dean
The Mormon religion is a made up cult that is full of murders, attempts to blam others for either actions, tries to justify plural/spiritual wives, and has riped this country off for millions of dollars in welfare benefits, who's founder said that God revealed to him that he was the next prophet.

Don't believe me, go read "Under the Banner of Heaven" by John Krakauer.

Mormonism is a joke.
Well as a person of colour who grew up in a Southern Baptist/Methodist [though massively flawed & hypocritical] family, i've always seen this whole christian CONcept as mortally detriment to Blacks, as well as other people of color. I might've gone through a 2-3 week phase in my teens when i [thought] i considered myself "agnostic". Other than that, the christian lies never took with me. Christianity, Catholicism, Mormanism (which is essentially all the same) are destructive SLAVE religions created by men of power long ago in order to keep all beneath them in check. And the rules really haven't changed in thousands of years - such religions ONLY benefit: WHITE/MALE/STRAIGHT/[preferably]LAND-OWNING PATRIARCHS!
So anyone ELSE who feels the need to cling to the church should seek help for their stockholm syndrome.
I'm a former sixth generation Mormon (was a missionary in Germany, graduated from BYU, married in a Mormon Temple).

Thank you for this great article.

I too hope that Mormons who see the hideous nature of their religion can make a clean break.

But the truth is Mormonism is far more than a church. It's a culture. Breaking away from a culture is not easy; few can do that completely.


What, another "coming-out" story? That's super original and insightful journalism there Miss. Mirk. Quite boring I'm sorry to say.

Jesus... I grew up in SLC and you couldn't swing a dead cat in that town without hitting a gay return missionary with fucking family issues. I'm sorry, but this is hardly anything new or insightful. What's that, you couldn't get any Catholic priests to agree to a story?

You suck reindeer nuts!
>>> zipitup,

Since you're bitching & whinning soo much, why did you even bother wasting your precious time reading this article?
GTFO, DamosA. Seeing as you're neither gay nor Mormon, and have only extremely offensive things to say, I would quit while you still have some shred dignity.
You have to understand where this comes from. History is everything. From the moment you are born you are spoon fed... what your heritage is... the suffering... the sacrifice...that you have an inherent purpose upon this earth... that families are sealed together for time and eternity and if you turn your back on the church and it's beliefs you turn your back on your family and are separated from them for all time and eternity. There's a great deal to lose and the guilt you deal with is overwhelming. It takes a great deal of courage to walk away, regardless of your reasons for doing so.
I really don't understand it. Yes, history IS everything - which is exactly my point!
I know precisely how [god]aweful the christian religion is BECAUSE of history, in large part. And the bible is [among many other things] horendous towards gays. So i cannot understand a person who is gay could possibly console themselves with such a religion. Either be a dumb, self-loathing zealot or be FREE, HONEST, & HAPPY! But you can't have it both ways.

And i don't understand why any sane person could claim [in any capacity] such a thuroughly racist belief as Mormonism.
It's funny how little difference there is between modern atheists and traditional religious zealots. Atheists can't prove their faith that there is no god any more than the deists can prove god exists.
All of this arguing is ridiculous. You can't argue with people's experiences. And none of you anonymous voices are in a place to give advice.

I can tell you that, in my experience, religion has an incredible influence. I'm a daughter of the leader of a fundamentalist Mormon sect. I am also a lesbian. I grew up in an extremely isolated community that was very unhealthy and damaging to many people, most especially my brothers and sisters and the other children who grew up there. These were people who didn't have a choice about their early lives. And that sort of indoctrination is not something that can just be shaken off. It takes many years of hard work to find out who you are apart from the beliefs you grew up with. It's not just a matter of giving up a demoralizing religion and moving on with your life. These beliefs become a part of you. To give up these beliefs is to give up everything you know about the world.

I applaud the people who stepped forward to do this article. They are very brave.
I must say that I am so proud of the people who are in this article. I am not gay, I am not a lesbian. I am just an American that wants people to be treated equally. So much of our Constitution has not been applied to our society and because of this, many people suffer. Many people. People...COME ON. End the suffering of humanity. We are all the same.

In a recent conversation I had with a bishop of the LDS Church I was informed that the LDS Church is entitled to their rights to be so restrictive, "just like the Democratic Party" (he cited for example). But the Democratic Party as well as the LDS Church have no part being involved "In State" and it is clear from the people I have known that choice to deny who you are or abandon your existence is quite real. It is a rarity that someone allows a gay, lesbian or transgender grow up with the love and compassion and support they need.

It is a mess and bottom line, I just want to extend how proud of all of you for who you have become. I commend you beautiful people for the freedom you have fought for in our country and the change you have paved for those that will follow. Please know that there are people out there that recognize what you are going through and support you 100% off the time because when it comes down to it, we are all pink inside.. ;)

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