Oh I get it, Anarchy means you litter.
I don't get it. Do they even have long term goals?
Thank you for reminding them of the street renaming process.

I'm sure they just all scattered to get to their volunteering shifts on time to help the mentally ill homeless downtown.
So I don't get the limes. Are they a responsive installation from the kids at WK? Gosh I hope so.

See -
The protesters dragged out and dumped the contents of a few dumpsters in the streets, some of which contained limes. It was an oddly cleansing scent for something so... insurgent.
Yes thank you I liked the astringent quality and imagined perhaps I missed an impromptu Karen Finley. I'm so old I can't keep up with second stringers. I don't even know what sort of anthem to play.
If this is where James Chasse was beaten, How did he end up on SW 2nd Burnside? Like the picture always shows, by the bridge.
QUESTION: "If this is where James Chasse was beaten, How did he end up on SW 2nd Burnside? Like the picture always shows, by the bridge."

ANSWER: Because the copsters kicked him ya think he got 30+ broken ribs and untold body bruises. When 3 mean cops raging on 'roids get all worked up, they can move a body a far piece and then rewrite the script as to what really happened! Silly stuff like "well, he ran that far from us and our lungs was aching like hell when we finally got to him..." etc. etc...
Eh, none of the silly comments on this blog will get that much publicity for the murder. Plus they got to do it outside in the streets, not on the computer in their basement.
I like the street renaming idea.
We'll look into the details. Politically, to go before Council with this now would need a coalition of street neighbors to sign a petition of some sort indicating their willingness, approval, etc.

Sounds like a great community organizing opportunity for someone. Nominate your street and get neighbors organized!
I love the idea of changing the street name. If these "anarchist" kids want to do something positive for a change (although since it would involve using the "system" I doubt they'd be savvy), they would file for it come Sep. 17, 2011.

I'd certainly support them in doing that.

Littering is wrong. Why didn't the cops cite them all for littering?
I wouldn't think anarchists support the naming of streets since, you know, that's a function of government (i.e. "The Man").
we should be supporting "equal opportunity" street name changes as we seek to rename that section of roadway as "the James Chasse Memorial Avenue" and then find some dead-end alleyway to rename "the Nice Way" and remove the barricades on some bridge abutment under construction that drops off into deep river water and rename it "Humphreys Highway" and find the worst maintained roadway full of ruts 'n' potholes and rename it "the Bret Burton Boulevard" letting all those dimwitted pro-copster apologist ride on these to their hearts content and the good sane people travel on the Chasse Avenue. Sounds like a great idea to me...
@ Bad Robot, wow, two posts without practically fetishizing someone pooping their pants? Sounds like someone hasn't had their Viagra this morning....
I wonder if they chose Thursday the 8th hoping it was going to be 1st thursday... Would've been more disruptive and attention getting, too bad they were off a week. Heh, heh... Losers...
These kids are going to get an awful talking to when their parents find out they flunked out of Reed.
The comments on the Oregonian story about this protest were more positive than those on Blogtown, but the Oregonian comments on the Olympia demonstration (oi! 28 arrests, them yobs were knockin' heads) were almost entirely negative. I did not go to either, since I am too old, but it seems like there is some mainstream support for peaceful protest about police behavior even if a few dumpsters get knocked over. I would like to see a protest with both black bloc types and the AMA, a little more black in the black bloc. When is that happening?
" seems like there is some mainstream support for peaceful protest about police behavior even if a few dumpsters get knocked over..."

It would be cool if they picked them back up. Not sure the local shopkeeps deserve to clean that up.

The end result for this black bloc crowd is that the public will hate them more than the police. Mark my words....
You are probably right Blabby, if for no other reason than all it takes is one person dressing the part to act like a total thug. Still interesting to me to see a good number of people supporting these protesters on OregonLive presently, it shows a level of dissatisfaction with the cops I have not seen in my 10 years here. I still want the AMA to have a march, I would go, but that is less meaningful than if some of the voice of reason types on here would say that they would go.
I went to one of the AMA protests at the justice building and then they marched to City Hall. I didn't go inside with them because it seemed cramped. I'm guessing it was more effective then these black bloc protests. I will admit that I'm not convinced the cops will listen to any of it. They seem pretty arrogant and secure in their union protection....
These kids are being led by the FEDS and I exposed them yesterday. Please view the following:

Alex Ansary declares this stand off a staged managed event

Alex Ansary confronts Portland Police Commander in Charge

Black Bloc protesters appear to have handlers operating in the background

Alex Ansary talks to black bloc and lets them know we know they have been infiltrated
were they making margaritas out there with all those limes? that would probably draw in wide public support if the protestors were polite bartenders.
alex ansary, it's dangerous to call people agents without evidence. it's kind of the boy who cried wolf thing, where when someone who is an agent gets called out, people are like "really?" please provide emperical evidence for potentially libelous claims. not youtube videos of a truther yelling at people.

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