Update, 2:20pm "I hope Scott Westerman does not resign from the PPA," says Jesse Cornett, who is running against police commissioner Dan Saltzman for city council. "If he did, he would be back out on the street, and could be a real danger."

Original post: OMG. Maxine Bernstein has the scoop of the year:

Portland police are investigating a woman's complaint that the police union president, Sgt. Scott Westerman, got out of his personal car and berated her and her husband in traffic on two occasions two days apart.

Go over and read the story. It has transcripts of the 911 call, and an admission and apology by Westerman—whom I've texted this morning, asking if he's going to resign his presidency of the organization. The woman is 58.
He said he wasn't stalking the Thompsons, and didn't recognize the Smart car from the incident two days earlier. Though, he said, he could understand how concerned the Thompsons would be. "It was just a very bad coincidence," Westerman said.