MLK = 60 year old, conservative white couple collecting Social Security; totally
Did Fox News not tell them that taxes are due 4/18 this year?
I'm totally going. I can't wait to show off my "ISLAMOBAMAISANAZICOMMUNISTANTICHRISTWHOWASBORNINKEYNA" sign. I've been working on it all night, YAY!
These teabaggers should just wait to have their little klan rally on 4/20 - Das Furher's birthday.
I'm sorry - but I don't think the "unions" fire bombed the SEIU building after the Tea Party protest a year ago. I don't think the unions brake windows and threatened the safety of an entire neighborhood.
HAHAHA, I was gonna point and laugh about the comment section on the Trib being Godwinned in six comments, but we made it in four here.
It always confuses me how people who are generally pro-life will also endlessly quote Ayn Rand ad nauseum as if she can do no wrong. The two are mutually exclusive of each other.…

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