Somalia Hit Hard: In the midst of a serious famine violence has erupted on the Somalian border with Kenya over a slice of land. The fighting has shattered the camps of staving Somalians, sending them back to their hunger-stricken villages.

Privatizing Pot: The Dutch city of Maastricht has banned tourists from visiting its cannabis-slinging coffee shops, calling the visitors a "threat to public order."

Dear Young General: Kim Jon-Un's popularity and devotion grows in North Korea. Surprised? And curious what father Kim Jong-Il has been up to? Here's your answer.

The Majority Minority Speaks Up: More than 1,500 people have joined the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City to protest corporate greed and social imbalances, making sure the "99 percent are heard." Mayor Micheal Bloomberg's sees the response as "misguided."

Slowly Breaking Down the Fence: The Obama administration cracks down on restrictive immigration laws, takes Alabama and Arizona to court for their history of strict regulation.

PDX Shooting Injures Two: A late night gang-related shooting in a Northeast Portland bar sends two men to the hospital, leave 40 bullets at the crime scene.

A Whole New World?: Princeton graduate creates "flying carpet" out of a super sensitive plastic sheet. It's next stop: Mars.

Musical Send-Off
: Ever wondered what all popular word-less lyrics strung together sounded like? Here you go.