News Jun 14, 2012 at 4:00 am

Pricey Plans Move Forward to Expand I-5 Through Rose Quarter


Almost any imaginable cost-cutting measures on this project will be worse for the neighborhood than what is proposed. The proposal has pluses and minuses, the biggest cons being the price - $100 for every man, woman & child in the state (for what return?) and the disruption this will cause due to delayed redevelopment and construction impacts
The article lacks weblinks to project details and maps. Judging from the other big I-5 project nearby, the CRC, whatever ODOT proposes here must be carefully analyzed and scrutinized. OTOH, the Rose Quarter redevelopment potential value is off the charts. Especially important are the pedestrian improvements, crosswalks at rebuilt Broadway/Weidler, any separate ped/bike crossing of I-5, etc. Capping can wait for later or combined with redevelopment. Let's have a look at what ODOT proposes before we go into support or opposition mode.

Don't let the blacktop lobby bamboozle you with bike lanes! We are cooking and poisoning the planet with CO2, oysters can't even reproduce in the Salish Sea anymore. Time to push the fix and shift agenda and

The first successful "restoration" of native oysters in North Puget Sound has been accomplished in Fidalgo Bay (Anacortes, WA). That would be also part of the Salish Sea…
I drove across country through about ten major cities and Portland's freeway is one of the most traffic heavy.. When you drive inwashington it opens up and becomes smooth before the bottle neck once you hit oregon.I think its imparitive for future growth and economic prosperity for the city.

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