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What's Behind Disparity in Traffic Stops? Maybe Racism, Cops Admit


Say what? Cops tend to pull over/stop Blacks and Latinos more than Whites - even though Whites are more likely to have drugs and/or weapons on them? And that the reason cops do this might actually be due to PURE RACISM? And that every stat in the country has been bearing out these facts for years???

We need more diversity withint our PPD, perhaps that would help. All I know is that the majority of white male police officers in this town are overtly aggressive, sexist and racist.
So the Portland Copwatch and the Albina Ministerial Alliance are saying that whites are more crime-prone than other races. Anybody who believes that is welcome to purchase low-priced homes in majority black/Hispanic neighborhoods. I'm wondering how many of the writers/editors of the Mercury live in majority black neighborhoods.

When claims, such as the above, clash with my own personal experience, the accounts of others I've spoken to/read, FBI statistics and victims surveys - I'm inclined to reject them as unfounded and biased. Blacks and Hispanics commit way more crime (per capita), especially violent crime, and this is why they are stopped more.
Hey racist dumbfuck, guess what - at absolutely NO point did Copwatch nor AMA claim that Whites are "more crime-prone than other races". What EXACTLY was said in the article was that Whites on average are more likely to carry weapons/drugs/contraband on them than Blacks and Latinos. And stats that have been conducted over and over for years backs this up with consistency.

" own personal experience..."

Yeah, sounds like some White boy got his ass beat ONCE (probably for shooting his mouth off) and now he thinks that people of color commit way more crime and violent crime than Whites.

This is insanity and typical of the libtarded thinking in Portland. When are the people going to realize this is not "racist" but simply the truth- no way in hell do Whites carry more illegal weapons and drugs than rugs, to think so is simply delusional. Sadly, these libtards will refuse to accept the truth until one of their friends or family are sacrificed at the Altar of Diversity. Remember, this feral species in NOT "just like us"...
this is Terry Wagar, I am a victim of a murder conspiracy started by my wife Joan Wagar and her lover the cop Eric Carlson and I am not their only victim, Joan Wagar was hiding her affair with a cop and was poisoning me and her lover Eric Carlson and his partners in law enforcement made sure I could not get help from a hospital or from 911.

I am not the only one Joan Wagar was poisoning three family members died within a three year period during Joan Wagar's use of poison.

On March 26th 2007 I caught Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson along with his partners in law enforcement breaking into my home and they planted child porn on our computer and they poisoned my coffee pot and coffee cup and I caught them in the act on a audio recorder.

They also killed a female that morning and they were planting evidence in my home framing me for their crimes and they bragged about it at Clackamas Walmart to Walmart employees.

I caught them in the act of committing their crimes and I caught them bragging about it and I caught them verbally giving me the blame after the fact using flyers and word of mouth.

They killed a missing runaway and they were printing flyers giving me the blame, they call this type of framing "Pedofying" meaning they do whatever they have to do to give their target a pedophile reputation and they commit the crimes using photo doubles and planting evidence in their targets home.

I was a plasma donor when Joan Wagar was poisoning me and Eric Carlson was calling my wife by the nick name Mrs Dash in love letters so they are not trying very hard to hide their guilt because no one with a badge in Oregon gives a damn about victims.

On March 26th 2007 Eric Carlson and his partner John Ray murdered a child and they broke into my home to plant evidence framing me for it and I caught them on a audio recorder, the child yelled out and Eric Carlson and John Ray silenced her and it is also on the audio recording.

Terry Wagar
Hey Jose/racist shithead GO FUCK YOURSELF alright. You just signed up for an account TODAY! And you've made just ONE post so far. So, you can go fuck yourself.
The graphic is a little unclear. First, it's the percent of people the cops stop who are searched. Then it's the percent of those searched who have contraband found on them. (I think... it's pretty unclear!) Since the base population is people the cops stop, for whatever reason, generalizations about criminality cannot be made from these numbers. The question of whether or not the stops are appropriate is the issue here!

It's hard to draw conclusions from these numbers. We see blacks searched at twice the rate of whites but their contraband rate is still 3/4 that of whites. There are way too many unknown variables and background facts for an armchair jockey like myself to say whether or not this indicates the level of searching is appropriate.

However, I would strongly question the use of "implicit racism" and "institutional racism" constructs in assessing police performance, since if you go back to the academic work establishing these concepts you'll see that they are defined in terms of the sorts of issues were examining here, i.e. implicit and institutional racism play a role in these disparities by definition. (This is especially true of the institutional racism idea, but even implicit racism... tell a cop who works on gang issues that he or she unconsciously associates blacks with violence, and they'd likely tell you, if they could be candid, that it's quite conscious, and based on the reality of their work.) So finding that these forms of racism "play a role" in these disparities tells you precisely nothing, since these disparities ARE BY DEFINITION these forms of racism... (does that make sense?)

Which isn't to say these aren't important factors that should be examined, but the devil is very much in the details, and here on the left we've had serious serious problems with these academic concepts "escaping into the wild" and becoming excuses to yell "racist" at whomever we want... even though institutional and implicit racism are actually very subtle in a lot of ways, e.g. stereotype threat, social distance, etc. Calls for a therapist rather than an exorcist, if you get my drift. So we should focus on what's actually happening, and disregard these labels. Explicit racism, however, is intolerable.

@rhayat: actually, the vast majority of violent crime as reported in the national crime victim survey is simple assault and other variations on fistfights. These tend to be done by whites, and so even though blacks are more highly represented in robberies, the overall rates of violent crime commission are very balanced across races.
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do they consider Apple computers and lattes contraband now?
Well yeah...if the computer's been stolen and the latte is spiked with Wild Turkey.
Add fireworks to the mac book and latte list.
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Damn, what's this Terry Wagar guy saying?
What I am saying DamosA is the Portland police are a bunch of cowardly pedophiles that don't have the balls to deby a felony charge in a criminal court of law!

Got a problem with that DamosA?

Terry Wagar
The infographics are a little unclear - do they mean that 9.5% of traffic stops involving an African-American results in a search, and that 26% of searches of African-Americans result in finding contraband?
Two cops named Eric Carlson and John Ray broke into an apartment on March 26th 2007 and they killed a missing runaway!
Clackamas Walmart employees printed flyers because of this crime!

Terry Wagar
The Portland police cover up murder charges by ignoring victims complaints and they brag on audio death threats to their victims!

Terry Wagar
Terry Wagar is super duper serious... Check it out.
And in Lake Oswego, whites are pulled over and arrested far more than any other race combined.
On March 26th 2007 Eric Carlson and a John Ray broke into an apartment early in the morning and they raped, photographed, and murdered a child, and I caught the pedophile cops in the act on a audio recorder!
Eric Carlson and John Ray had a buyer for those photographs meet up with them at Clackamas Walmart where they discussed the details of their crimes!
On that same day Clackamas Walmart employees printed out flyers because of the crimes committed by Eric Carlson and John Ray!

Terry Wagar

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