News Jul 24, 2013 at 4:00 am

Hales' City Hall Sweep Hits a Bump


Yeah, big fucking surprise. Civic pride in this town is non-existent.
I've slept outside and I don't like having to walk around campers on the sidewalk. Food-carts are a nuisance, as well. I don't care for side-walk cafes, either. The Tri-Met bus stops on 6th Avenue ought to be removed because they also are in the way, and obstruct the view when watching for one's bus to arrive. Sleeping on the sidewalk at night in front of places that are not open for business is fair and reasonable. Why anybody would want to spend all day sitting on the sidewalk in a tent makes no sense to me at all. Go to the park, library or the mall. Bicyclists ought to ride in the street, unless they ride super slow and walk their bikes as they pass pedestrians on the sidewalk; same goes for skate-boarders.
Hales is such a douche bag.
Portland is a real piece of work. Charlie and Bob make a factually-challenged public announcement. This is followed by a factually-challenged vile smear campaign against those homeless men and women who have been protesting in front of City Hall for over a year-and-a-half. Meanwhile, the city employee who attempted to transfer around $200,000 of rate payer money into the general fund is still collecting his $190,000/year salary. And the city employee who made sexist remarks about a county commissioner is suspended for one (1) week. And the police keep using excessive force, most recently against the son of a city employee. A piece of work indeed.

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