News May 25, 2016 at 4:00 am

It Didn't Count on State Regulators Snapping to Attention


Bullseye is acting like a drunk with a fast car. They probably don't want to hurt anyone, but they're willing to put others at risk and do stupid things that are bound to get them in trouble. It's time we took away their keys.
Ethics vs. technicalities and sneaking under the radar.
The portland bike club's target of the month: bullseye glass.

Who is next? We are bored and would like to pretend that making an emergency out of small things that have been right in front of us for years are actually to blame for our current state of depression.

Kate Brown is on our side and she will destroy any business we set our passing interest on because she stands up for us locals here in Oregon....By the way we're from California but we're happy to be here!!
Vote pierce - unless of coarse you want to be put out of business too or want your job cut so some political gal can score points with the local bike clubs.
Lead is a neurotoxin. There is no such thing as a "safe amount of lead released into the environment". That a company in this day and age would be so negligent (especially in Portland), is just mind-boggling.
Horrifying to read. Glad the Mercury is staying on top of this complicated and important news story!
Still spewing garbage. MERCURY STAFF

...about the only part of this story that has any substance. Daniel "L. Ron" Forbes took a break from "...marshaling his slapdash forces against the police-state Hammer falling on tall and short alike" to drop this turd. No worries, when the lead dust settles he'll get his turn "being ridiculed on every front page in town." We can only wish.

technical information verifying the source of toxin need to be verified. There has been no hard evidence avail - a lot of guesstimation and finger pointing.
[Sarcasm and pretending to be an Oregonlive troll] I don't see what the big deal is. A local company is simply trying to make money by poisoning their neighbours and neighbours' children. And then, when called out on it, they throw their employees under the bus.

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