Intimidation is Running Rampant in Trump-Era Portland

A Proposed New Program Would Help Communities Push Back


I find it very convenient that this group is perfectly happy to apply for funds from the administration they hate. A majority of incidents exposed have been the liberal snowflakes causing the damage so they have more reason to be the victims. Intimidation is the focus of the liberal groups, paid protesters, and general haters. How many protests, in the past eight years, were perpetrated by republicans or independents? There is this pervasive attitude that it is ok to hate our current President when the past President was really such a screw up. But, oh, let's not criticize him because that would be racist. People just need to get over themselves, grow up, and start acting like adults.
The majority of the intimidation is coming from the anti-trump factions and is directed towards those who support trump, and even those who are neutral. With such an outcry of public support for immigrants in Portland, how can you say that intimidation is running rampant? Wear a trump t shirt downtown and see how long it takes to be harrassed by someone, then wear a burqa and walk through the same areas. How many instances of violence against immigrants has Portland seen since the election? How many instances of Trump supporters or their property being attacked?