@what?! You haven't got the slightest fucking idea what you're talking about.

One major reason why chronic homelessness is challenging to solve is that fools and liars like what?! always seem to be doing all the talking.


Completely tone deaf. Police don't need housing subsidies. This just strengthens my support for Jo Ann Hardesty.


God forbid someone proposes that subsidized housing actually goes to people who work for a living! Apparently some people believe it's much better that we (taxpayers) provide foreclosed homes to vagrants that would rather sit around, do drugs, and live off the charity of this city rather than get a 9-to-5 job to pay for their needs.

Mr. Zielinski apparently believes the homeless are too good to spend their evenings in the Wapato facility. Why not give them the choice? Surely it's better than living on the streets, unless that's what you want to do. No, Mr. Zielinski would much rather the taxpayers of Portland give each vagrant a house. Despite the ridiculous economics of that proposition, there's no way that these people can independently maintain a residence. I live next to a homeless encampment. The first they do upon moving in is spread graffiti far and wide. Then they dispose of their voluminous trash throughout the adjoining areas and streets. Then they break into cars throughout the neighborhood. As I pass them during the day, they're either sleeping or sitting around talking with their buddies. Some seem crazy, most are on drugs, it's hard to tell which is which. The point is, they can't maintain a campsite, much less a subsidized house. Quick way to rehab a "zombie house": give it to someone that has a job. Quick way to turn a "zombie house" into a drug den: give it any of the vagrants moving to the Portland area for the free handouts.

Sorry, Mr. Zielinski, your fantasy world may entail giving houses to every vagrant lounging around the streets of Portland, but the reality is that most of them wouldn't want that and couldn't handle it if they did. They need to get off meth and heroin and have supported living in a shelter such as the Wapato. Maybe one day they can straighten out their lives, but that's going to take a whole lot more than giving people abandoned houses.

Say what you will about Loretta Smith's politics, but she has it right on this one. More homes for those that work and can upkeep a home. And the Wapato (which is already built and can shelter hundreds of people) to help those that want help transition to a better life.


Just clucking WOW! Ms Zielinski, your past articles already signaled you as being even more wacky than your predecessor but this is just taking opining to another level. Obviously you'd liek to see Portland to not only drink the wacky cool-aid but bathe in it as well, with a Hardesty victory. Come on, at least pretend that you are attempting to not be a hypocrite when this paper slams Fox News, unless of course you are taking your cue from them to get the extremists all jizzed-up.

PLEASE OPB, do not take on anyone from this rag if you want to maintain what reputation you've had in the past.


I have nothing against this proposal. If we want police more in tune with Portland values, they need to live in Portland. I suspect the realistic alternative is not giving these homes to the homeless, but auctioning them off to the highest bidder. Frankly, I'd rather have them going to cops, teachers, and firemen. The city might be leaving some money on the table, but it doesn't cost us anything, and unlike a zombie house, it will actually generate property tax payments.

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