Trying to protect people from getting shot by right-wing nut jobs? Yeah, that's part of the job of our government, bub.


Slobbering fools with no community ties and itchy trigger fingers are threatening to shoot up the city. Someone is going to die if he doesn't act.


"Right wing nut jobs that would do noting but march if the Antifa would stay in their mothers basement."

Like the guy who ran his car through a crowd of left wing protesters and killed them? Or Jeremy Christian, who stabbed and killed multiple people? Or the right-wingers who staged and armed occupation of a government facility? Or Tim McVeigh, the right-winger who bombed a ton of people? History teaches us that a "hands off" approach to right-wing extremists just further emboldens them until they commit terrorist acts. Not an acceptable approach given the circumstances, not to mention the fact that the Proud Buns and Pee Prayers entire M.O. is to provoke and instigate violence and then claim the victim. They come equipped for and plan for violence at every single one of their marches and rallies. Nothing peaceful about that. I don't like Antifa, but you're making way too many excuses for the right wing agitators here, and it's only one side that has escalated to bringing rifles to sniper perches in our downtown.


I have zero worries that Antifa is going to kill my family. They have made me late for work, but aren’t setting up sniper nests. The hillbilly terrorists are going to kill someone.

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