Yikes. Too much good coffee in Portland to waste another sip on Ristretto. Bye!


Women blaming victims of sexual assault is nothing new. Fuck these privileged white women and their hateful bullshit.


Equating sexual assault with "bad sex" that you "regret in the morning" is insulting to every woman who has ever been assaulted --which is a shit ton of women.


The owner's statement is a little disingenuous. As of this morning, Rommelmann was still listed as the LLC's "manager" with the Secretary of State.

Looks like they made a filing today removing her from that role (the filing itself isn't on the website yet) but that's a far cry from "she's not an owner or employee." She was in charge of the whole operation until today.


Can't disagree with any of these comments. Rommelman is an idiot, and if I were a Ristretto employee I would be extremely concerned the company would not have my back if a fellow employee and/or customer decided to harass or assault me.


Still hard at work trying to silence dissent I see.


Four very easily avoided locations.

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