Tuesday, June 2: A crowd of thousands march toward downtown Portland.
Tuesday, June 2: A crowd of thousands march toward downtown Portland. Blair Stenvick

UPDATE 12:15 AM: Due to the dangerous situation and loss of control exhibited by the Portland Police, we have pulled our reporters off the street for the night. It's simply too dangerous for them to be out there right now. We'll continue to monitor the situation and update you tomorrow.

TO RECAP: The evening started out extremely uplifting with an estimated 10,000 people protesting in Portland to end police brutality, many marching across the Burnside Bridge and meeting up with thousands more downtown at Pioneer Square. At the 10 pm hour things went sideways when protesters, marching to the fenced Justice Center were gassed from the front and the rear by police. Our reporters were among the hundreds affected, many of whom were innocent bystanders. The majority of the crowd marched out of town, while roughly 1,000 protesters returned to the Justice Center. After a 30 minute standoff, police claimed that some sort of projectiles were thrown at them, sending them into tear gassing fury, throwing gas canisters at any random grouping that was in range. In short, this was FAR MORE gas than has been used during this series of protests, and under FAR LESS provocation. In short, the Portland Police department lost their shit tonight, and there will be many questions to be answered tomorrow.

Thank you all for joining us tonight, and I especially thank our on-the-ground reporters Alex Zielinski and Blair Stenvick who were insanely brave, even while being gassed by police more than once. If you appreciate their dedication to keeping Portland informed, I hope you will consider donating to keep their work going at the Portland Mercury. They certainly deserve your support. We'll see you in the morning.

UPDATE MIDNIGHT: Hat tips to all my journos still out there at the midnight hour. And I'd like to remind Portland Police to keep your goddamn mitts off journalists!

Our Alex Zielinski is still out on the street—AND HAS BEEN AT THIS FOR THE LAST FIVE DAYS LET'S NOT FORGET—and doing her job.

WELP! I guess we can safely say that the "Nice Dad" the Portland Police was pretending to be has decided he's had enough with home life, and is going to live with his girlfriend.

UPDATE 11:45 PM: Personal note: I would like to be acknowledged for having the forethought to run to the liquor store this afternoon and buy a nice, big bottle of vodka. Thank you for your acknowledgement.

Somebody must have touched the fence:

And here comes the cloud.

What the police say:

(I bet someone touched the fence.)

"Mean Dad" is trying so hard to be nice.

And look what's going on now in Seattle! For once we're equal.

UPDATE 11:30 PM: While this standoff continues, let's check across the Burnside Bridge where our Blair Stenvick has followed a crowd across the river.


UPDATE 11:15 PM: After a brief stopover at Pioneer Square, where speeches and skateboard tricks were made, the crowd is making their way back to the Justice Center.

UPDATE 11 PM: Here's the scene currently in Pioneer Square:

Meanwhile across town....

Probably unrelated.

UPDATE 10:45 PM: It's taking awhile to figure out what's going on downtown. We know that a lot of people have left the downtown core via the Burnside Bridge. Meanwhile factions of protesters have split apart but seem to be drifting back together at Pioneer Square.

It's definitely a place where the cops do NOT want you to be.

A very important point that will be brought up later:

And a new, very different rally in Pioneer Square has begun.

Here's something we'll be asking the department about tomorrow:

UPDATE 10:30 PM: As thousands make their way out of town, a brawl between protesters and police has erupted downtown.

It's chaos.

A good question from Blair:

UPDATE 10:15 PM: Meanwhile back at Pioneer Square, apparently the massive crowd is packing it in for the night.

"Peaceful"... unless you're back at the fence.

Our Blair Stenvick is reporting that she got tear gassed again.

UPDATE 10:00 PM: Here's what the cops are saying about why they launched tear gas at a crowd (which included our reporters). Yup, SOMEBODY TOUCHED A FENCE.

UPDATE 9:50 PM: Took a short break to check on our reporters, and I'm back. They're okay, and continuing to follow the action.

UPDATE 9:30 PM: Well, that was nice while it lasted.

Here's what we currently know from this confusing scene. A breakaway group of protesters headed toward the Justice Center which had been fenced off since yesterday. Cops warned them to stay away from the fence at 4th and Taylor, and while it's currently unclear what set everything off (possibly someone shaking the fence?), according to our Alex Zielinski, riot police came up from behind and launched tear gas—effectively trapping the protesters (and our reporters) between the gas and fence.

They got Blair, too.

Here are scenes from area:

Both Alex and Blair report that they are okay, and will continue reporting because they are CHAMPIONS.

UPDATE 9:15 PM: As mentioned earlier, some protesters are leaving for home, while some have other plans....

(Psst... the Justice Center is fenced off, but this is something the protesters know.)

"Mean Dad" trying to be "Calm Dad":

UPDATE 8:55 PM: As we come closer to the 9 pm hour, sections of the crowd start heading for home, though the vast majority is staying and chanting. Still more have other plans:

Here's a good use of an Apple Store:

A nice overhead shot:

And one below:

And check this out....

Meanwhile in Washington, DC:

UPDATE 8:40 PM: In case you're thinking about driving downtown to check out the rally, maybe DON'T.

Wait... is this the SAME LLAMA that was at Revolution Hall?

Alex is on a graffiti hunt and... FOUND ONE!

Former Mercurian Sarah Mark swoops in with the best idea so far of the night:

UPDATE 8:25 PM: Remember earlier when I said this crowd DOES NOT like criminal shenanigans from rando instigators? Case in point:

More (actually dangerous) shenanigans:

As a general rule, BEWARE INSECURE WHITE MEN IN TRUCKS. (And for god's sake, don't sleep with them.)

Speaking of criminal shenanigans (the cop kind), here's what's happening in New York City right now:

UPDATE 8:10 PM: The west side welcomes the east side!

If this isn't Portland's biggest protest of the series, I'll eat my hat. (Ha! Just kidding, I'm gluten free.)

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico doesn't fuck around.

UPDATE 7:55 PM: This crowd is HUUUUGE and when it hits downtown it's gonna be HUUUUGER.

I hear you, this is EXCITING. And it's something we as a city should be proud of. AND it's good to pause and remember exactly why we're doing this.

UPDATE 7:40 PM: We'll continue our coverage of tonight's protests in Portland in just a moment, but first, a word from Ben & Jerry's:

And now a word from Portland restaurant, Yonder:

Now let's return to our protest, already in progress:

Back on the bridge:

It's gonna be a homecoming.

UPDATE 7:25 PM: On the Burnside Bridge, living their best life.

And now, lying down on the bridge for nine minutes, in memory of how long a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on George Floyd's neck.

Meanwhile, downtown:

Also downtown... Good thing we called in the National Guard! Geez, slow down you guys! Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint!

UPDATE 7:15 PM: The march from Revolution Hall is nearing the Burnside Bridge—the scene of yesterday's "die in" and the final big demonstration of the night. We'll see what happens when they arrive.

And just like last night....

When the marchers eventually arrive at Pioneer Square, they'll have quite the welcome wagon waiting.

UPDATE 7 PM: The march has gotten underway as HUUUUUGE throng at Rev Hall is now making their way downtown.

This shot provides some perspective:

Meanwhile in Pioneer Square, Alex is bringing the quality dog content... because she knows which side of her bread is buttered.

UPDATE 6:45: As mentioned in our introduction below, there's been some drama amongst the leadership of the protests in regards to who should be in charge. Tonight's first speaker referenced the controversy.

“I want everyone to stay safe," the speaker continued. "This protest is a 100 percent peaceful protest. We’re not here for violence... we’re here to show the world we can be better than those who do incite violence.”

If the past two nights have been any indication, the crowds have been increasingly vigilant in policing the very few agitators among their ranks. In my reporting on the street, I've personally witnessed many immediate smack-downs applied to anyone trying to throw anything at the cops, or causing any sort of unwanted commotion. Hopefully this trend continues.

One thing Blair neglected to mention... THERE'S A LLAMA THERE? (But... of course there is, right?)

Meanwhile, our Alex Zielinski is on the scene in Pioneer Square:

Note: This "Super Chill Dude" reaction from the police is also a fairly new development since Sunday. Prior to that the tone was very "Mean Dad."

UPDATE 6:30 PM: At Stark and 13th, the crowd has multiplied into the thousands.

Meanwhile downtown in Pioneer Square, the crowd is growing ever bigger—and look at this! The 'burbs are showing up!

This is gonna be a big night folks.

UPDATE 6:15 PM: Our Blair Stenvick is on the scene at Revolution Hall (SE 13th & Stark) for the kickoff of today's rally against police brutality and to honor the memory of George Floyd. According to the Urban League of PDX, this event will be a "Black led, Black organized march, with words from Black community leaders, such as Kayse Jama, the executive director of Unite Oregon. Refreshments includes Blair's "second-favorite flavor of Polar Seltzer."

A huge group of marchers have just rolled up into the scene.

ORIGINAL POST, 6 PM: Tonight marks the fifth night of Portland protesting the death of George Floyd and other Black Americans who lost their lives to police brutality—a journey that's been a real emotional rollercoaster. You can catch up on all of our on-the-ground reporting with these links: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. And you'll find related protest content here.

HERE'S THE LATEST: While last night was the most peaceful of the week's protests that will be remembered for the thousands gathered in Pioneer Square and later taking a knee while taking the Burnside Bridge, around midnight 100 or so protesters clashed with cops downtown where water bottles were thrown, tear gas was dispersed, and arrests were made. Also in the periphery, cracks are beginning to show within the resistance movement where a disagreement over who should be leading has begun—which we're keeping an eye on.

The big difference? No curfew tonight, according to Mayor Ted Wheeler who seems to be coming around to the idea that heavy-handed tactics are producing the opposite effect to what he had been hoping. Tonight will probably show whether his newfound light touch will prevail.

Tonight's protest will start where last night's began: at the field next to Revolution Hall (13th & Stark) at 6 pm which organizers say will continue with a march to Pioneer Square. Where it goes from there, and what will happen remains to be seen—but the Mercury will be there, starting with our own Blair Stenvick who will follow the rally at Rev Hall, and our Alex Zielinski who's stationed at Pioneer Square. Follow 'em on Twitter for the moment-by-moment updates, and this post for an overview of the evening.

So saddle up, Portland! This is your protest liveblog for the evening, and as the marchers like to say, "STAY TIGHT. STAY TOGETHER."

Stay tuned for more.