I hope the people in our city continue their to screw with the powers that be. We must not back down. We must fight harder. We must act as agents of Karma and deliver to them three fold.


We have a lawless president and administration more concerned about buildings, statues, and playing politics than people dying.
They can go to hell.


the police statement sounds angry. angry always accompanies scared.

keep fucking protesting. this is their way of saying it’s working.


"Wolf did not mention that the majority of violence Portlanders have witnessed over the past 47 days has come from the hands of the police."

Prove it. You're attempting to pimp your opinion as fact wholly devoid of any facts, evidence, or reference. How very professional.

On a related note; is it really necessary to delete my account after every time I post? The inability to accept the existence of viewpoints other than your own is par for the course in Portland, but juvenile and cowardly.


Ignoring the well-documented police brutality that has taken place in Portland makes it seem like you're being disingenuous or ignorant, pcashman

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